3-Way Buffer [Orange/White] 80/80/100 - (500 Pcs./Case)

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3-way buffers are lightweight and convenient to use as sanding blocks for finger and toenails. Use this handy manicure tool to buff and shape up uneven nail surfaces before applying your gel manicure or acrylic application! This buffer is ideal to easily file edges, removes ridges, smooth and shine nails. Composed of a durable and soft foam material that is covered with a black sand grit on 3 sides. The grit of 80/80/100 is suitable for professionals looking for an abrasive surface that is not too coarse – ideal for smoothing out gel manicures and shorter nails. Can be used at home or for professional use.


  • Grit: 80 / 80 / 100
  • Professional Nail Salon Use
  • High Quality 3-Way Buffer
  • Strong grit for long-lasting durable use
  • Soft foam for comfortable feel


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