We offer free delivery to the following areas: New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Please note:

  • Some areas may have limited access due to distance and accessibility.
  • We do not offer delivery to any other states.
  • New Wave Nail Supply reserves the right to cancel any order at our discretion.

Minimum Order Required

  • Due to the heavy and bulky nature of our products, there is a minimum order required to checkout on our store.
  • Required order minimum may vary depending on the state that you live in. For more information click here.


This allows us to continue offering the lowest possible prices and fast delivery service. Some areas may have additional requirements due to distance and accessibility. Delivery service may not be guaranteed to farther areas. We reserve the right to ship your order via third-party shipping company.


Delivery service includes, delivery of your ordered items to the specified location, unloading of products into an easily accessible area, and notification of delivery prior to arrival. Payment must be made prior to the delivery or may be made directly to our delivery driver, if applicable. 
*Please note: Delivery drivers are NOT responsible for unloading products to areas that are hard to reach, or may pose a risk to their safety/health. This includes but is not limited to: basement storages, second floor areas, and outdoor storages.


Each delivery is required to have a signature after the order is delivered. Final signing of your invoice confirms that all items are accurate and have been successfully delivered. This also confirms that you have double-checked your order for accuracy and quality.
Please make every effort to carefully check the items in your order, BEFORE signing your invoice. New Wave Nail Supply is not responsible for missing items after your invoice has been signed following the delivery.


If you have any other questions, please reach out to us at:
info@newwavenail.com or (732) 800-1195.