Cuticle Oil [Pineapple] - (4 Gal./Case)

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An important step to every manicure, Cuticle Oil helps to build strong and flexible nails, promote nail growth, and help with the longevity of a manicure. The cuticle oil is absorbed into the nail bed and surrounding skin – penetrating these areas and distributing all the nutrients & locking in moisture into the nail plate. Oil is ideal for professional salons as they will penetrate deeper than cream formulas. Formulated with a sweet Pineapple scent.



  • Helps build strong & flexible nails, promote nail growth, and manicure longevity
  • Distributes nutrients and moisturizes the nail bed
  • Sweet Pineapple scent soothes the senses and relaxes the mind
  • Made in the USA



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4 Gallons
$12.5 per gallon

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