Disposable Pedicure Liner [Blue, Large] – (400 Pcs./Case)

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Disposable Pedicure Liner conveniently covers the pedicure bowl to reduce the spread of bacteria, provide a premium pedicure experience, and is an easy-to-use solution to clean up the pedicure bowl. This liner is designed to fit the largest pedicure tubs and endure the heaviest of loads thrown at it. Individual strip packing allows you to quickly and efficiently take as you need without creating a mess. 



  • Approximate Dimensions (when opened): 14.2(L) x 10(W) x 9.3(H) inches
  • Reduce the risk of bacterial infection by using pedicure liners
  • Quickly provide a clean and safe pedicure for each client.
  • Individual strip packaging is easy-to-use



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400 Liners $0.08 per liner

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